Chainsaw exhibition Bios

Corey Lancaster

Princeton, NC


Corey Lancaster set out to hike the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail in 2012 to find himself after spending four years pouring 70 hours a week into his job managing a restaurant.  While hiking the trail, Corey had a realization that he was spending his time doing something that he liked, but not something he wanted to do forever.  After spending six months often alone with his thoughts, he carved out a new goal, and this one involved a few chainsaws.  Corey left his job in April 2013 to become a chainsaw artist and to open the Boon Hill Gallery located in Princeton North Carolina with his grandfather.  See website.

Justin Bailey

Calera, AL


Justin Bailey is one of Woodlot Artisans founders. He has been carving for over 7 years and specializes in western busts and the human figure. His wife, Heather Bailey got him into chainsaw carving while they were dating. During that time he was an Airplane Mechanic in the US Marine Corps. Many of his monumental designs have been carved on site in the Birmingham, AL area.    See website.

Heather Bailey

Calera, AL


Heathers mom, Grace Dowling, was the one of the first female chainsaw carvers in the early 1990’s. It was through her example that Heather was able to stick with it and eventually introduce carving to Justin while they were dating. Justin was a natural! As iron sharpens iron, they inspire each other to produce their best work every day.   See website.

Dayton Scoggins

Heidelberg, MS


Prior chainsaw carving Dayton was a towboat captain on the Mississippi River. He would hand carve for a hobby while sitting on the bridge. His wife Michelle read an article about chainsaw carving in a Chip Chat magazine and asked if he ever carved with a chainsaw. He said “no, I need chainsaw with a caving bar on it to try this out.”  So, for Father’s Day she bought him a chainsaw with a carving bar on it. Six months later they quit their jobs and been carving ever since.  See website.

Thomas Harmon

Greenwood, Indiana


Born and raised in good ol'e Greenwood, Indiana! Thomas Harmon started carving 3 years ago and states "I live by the saw now and will never look away from it!". By his second year he was already participating in 5 national events! Thomas has been an artist his whole life, even working as a professional tattoo artist for 10 years. Now he is back in college full time working toward a masters in fine art with a concentration in sculpture. Harmon is hoping one day when his body slows down on the carving end he can be a professor and teach sculpture. Harmon loves to carve birds, horses, fish and yeti's. You will often find him carving Nordic, Scandinavian art and Viking lore! Thomas is known for his uniqueness as a carver with an abstract out of the box twist on his works. Thomas says he is blessed with many opportunities in carving and strives to constantly become a better carver.